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Internet API

(Application Programming Interface) brings together source code blocks from Google, Yahoo, Alexa, W3C Markup Validation, Compete, under Webuka algorithm to synergistically work together.


Webuka algorithm collects the input variables from API and uses them in a range of complex mathematical formulas. The API variables dynamically interact under Webuka Website Worth algorithm.


...unlimited use and simplicity. Written in pure and concise HTML5 / CSS3 with PHP / JavaScript, Webuka accelerates your quick access to performance and information. No profile or login required.


It makes Webuka app natively adapt to any mobile device in order to bring you the fastest, enjoyable and most useful website evaluation experience. Webuka is compatible with any browser around.

Sun Tzu:

"Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories."

Who am I?


Alex Leca


Want to know more? | a little about myself

I want to live waking up every morning happy to start working on something extremely innovative and totally out of ordinary... something able to write the history of my time.

I have been working in computer science since 2002 when I graduated. Even if I have an MBA Diploma from London University, my entire Universe revolves around circuits, bytes and algorithms.

Webuka is the free website worth calculator working with: Google API, Yahoo API, Alexa API, Compete API and W3C Markup Validation Service. The mathematical formulas behind the website evaluation algorithm are calibrated using real website transactions.

I'm open to any business proposal. If you want to ask us something, me and my team will try to answer as soon as we’ll receive your request.