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Automation, Robotics, Computerization have changed the business world we used to know. We cannot live today without mobile phones, email, Facebook, Whatsapp, CRM Apps, wearables to monitor our lives and the list will grow in time. We are developing the software for your devices and hardware equipment around you, whether it is your car or your smartwatch. We have Agile Assembled Teams for any technology around (Android, IOS, PHP, .Net, Java, Big Data, PLC Programming, and so on).

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Adaptability to any device is the key ingredient of software development.

  • Scalable Modules
  • Bootstrap for the Web
  • Flexibility
  • User Adaptability
  • API Collaboration
  • Multithreading
  • Speed and Effectiveness
  • Bug free
  • Custom Tailored for your needs.
  • On the go deployment


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Electrical Engineering

Our division of energy management and automation brings more than 90% of Webuka turnover, but the rest of our services are equally powerful.

Electrical Engineering types of works
Software Development

We discover human needs, We design, We code, We test, We code again. Zend Certified Engineers at your service.

Project Management

PMI is tough, but rewarding. Together we’ll create synergy achieving greatness for your SMART goals.

Online Marketing

SEO, SEM, WPO, SCO, you name it. We are here to help you promote your brand online.

Industrial Automation

We have a division of 40 electrical engineers involved in large scale projects automating power and bytes.

Web App Development

We do websites, e-commerce portals, social networks, forums, live streaming apps, news portals, or any app that can be designed and developed.


The Internet of Things projects for your home, office, factory automation, or any other aspects of your life and business.


Schneider Electric

Webuka is Certified Partner of Schneider Electric for all energy supply, management and automation.

INEL, our division of energy engineering for industrial projects, works in collaboration with Schneider Electric and EATON since 1990, achieving together great results for big names like Vodafone, Carrefour, Erste Group, Raiffeisen Bank, and so on.

Schneider Electric

We are eager to become your main partner!

Developing Software and Energy Automation for Industrial Projects since 1990.

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