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We are specialized in software development for the following programming branches:

Online 100%
Industrial Automation 90%
Mobile 90%
Server Core 80%

We develop any web software you can imagine. We are specialized in discovering your online needs, defining your goals and relentlessly pursuing their achievement. Here are only a few examples of them:

  • Presentation Websites
  • E-Commerce
  • Forums
  • News Portals
  • Online CRM / ERP
  • Social Networks

Everything today is based on mobility. Millions of devices with very specific technical parameters are used every day in a world where connectivity is paramount. Programming for Android and IOS, our software architects are always ready to take over your mobile app project. Using RPC and RMI, your mobile application can communicate with any API, on any technology.

We are developing software for Our division of Electrical Engineering and Power Automation. Anything in your House, Factory, Office is going to be automated in case it is not already. We are talking about Industrial Automation and The Internet of Things. All the automation process is controlled by custom software deployed in most control instances (generally named PLCs – Programmable Logic Controllers).

We are deploying any type of server in order to make your business more effective and “cost friendly”.

  • App Servers
  • Storage Servers
  • Cloud Servers
  • API Servers

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